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Data analysis
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Campaign planning
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Data planning

Approved Apteco FastStats Partner since 2007

Data planning

Our approach to data planning isn’t focused on selecting cold lists: it’s about using what you already have as wisely and cost-effectively as you can. We’ll help you find untapped seams of opportunity in your customer database, through rigorous evaluation and analysis of your data.

In fact, we created a service that helps clients find a way through the data – it’s called Data Forensics and it tells you about the quality of your data and how to improve and use it. And it’s free. Through our partner, iris nation, we helped HMRC find the best targets for a couple of their campaigns – read about it here.

Aszent has proved invaluable in automating SeachStar’s web analytics and statistics; we’re able to save time and focus on our core business as a result of their innovation and dedication. They have delivered 100% customer delight & are hugely recommended for their intelligent solutions and genuine customer service. — Dan Fallon, MD, SearchStar

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