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Design and build of a data services start up


In late summer 2007 Aszent was approached by Pell & Bales and The Panther Group, to assess the feasibility of an idea around the provision of data specifically for the charity sector.  This was known as the “datapool.” Our task was to define and design the datapool product and undertake a market analysis, forecasting its success or failure if launched in what is already a fairly crowded market.

The challenge

Data pools have been the subject of much criticism and scepticism in recent years, due to their proliferation variation in build and content quality.  Subsequently, there is an array of both success stories and failures.

Our challenge was to define a product that was innovative, sustainable, cost effective and would increase the value of The Panther Group.

Project objectives

We agreed the following objectives of the study with the client:

  • Identify cost requirements to develop, maintain and sustain the Datapool
  • Identify and project potential revenue streams that can be elicited from the Datapool
  • Recommend the ideal configuration for its build and development, with regard to skills mix, applications, platform, etc
  • Develop a high level plan which illustrates likely time to market
  • Suggestions on developing marketing propositions for the Datapool

Specifically, we were asked to consider:

  • Datapool product development and lifecycle, especially the potential revenue stream
  • Recommendations on the optimisation of the existing infrastructure

Our approach

We conducted a mix of primary and secondary research as set out in the table below:

Research method Detail
Review all available Pell & Bales documentation on datapool product
  • Harvest survey
  • Data samples received
  • Presentations on Harvest results
  • Sample client contract
  • Skills matrices
Q&A sessions with key personnel and stakeholders
  • 1 x 1 hour interview held with Account Directors on 24th August 2007 to assess client need and key issues / challenges
  • 1 x 45 minute telephone interview with Systems Development and Systems Delivery managers on 3rd September 2007
  • Review / signpost sessions with project team
Primary research into suppliers and competitors
  • Meetings/ Telephone / email enquiries with various data suppliers and regulatory bodies
Research vendors products using documentation and information held in the public domain (and use own experience)
  • Websites visited and analysed
  • Review of industry journals
  • Calls to specific vendors on pricing tariffs

The solution

Following 8 weeks of intensive research into the data industry, specifically product development initiatives built around prospect pools, we prepared a very detailed study which included the following:

  • Situation analysis
  • Market scan
  • Scenario planning
  • Key considerations including data management strategies,
  • The product design and USP
  • Product development lifecycle – how to sustain the USP and engage new clients year on year
  • Marketing the product
  • Budget estimates to deliver the datapool
  • Operational requirements to service the product (including skills analysis, job descriptions, organograms)
  • Budget forecasts on profitability and number of clients
  • Key clients
  • Data inputs and model development plans
  • Compliance issues and their mitigation
  • High level implementation plan
  • Cost Benefit analysis and Projected income
  • Risk assessment

The benefits

The feasibility study, and the detail into which it delved, provided The Panther Group with a robust platform from which to make a decision on whether to invest in such a product or no.   We delineated the risks associated with such a product, identified their key competitors and target market, major costs involved, so that they could understand how to approach the project, if they decided to proceed.

Our level of analysis, design and recommendation also gave them the blueprint to either conduct a Tender process for the build, or develop the skills in-house.

The outcome

The Panther Group decided to invest in the design and build of their datapool concept, and appointed Aszent to deliver this, rather than hold a tender, on the basis that we understood their requirements intimately and could build the product accurately and confidently, given our previous experience in this market.

Glenn Hurley

We want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your work on our Supporter Survey…we have learned a lot about our Supporters and have already been able to make better informed decisions based on the results. — Clare Walsh, Fundraising manager, Send a Cow

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