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Marketing databases
Single customer view
Prospect pools
Data analysis
Reporting automation tools

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Database hosting
Database maintainence
Campaign planning
Data processing
Business intelligence reporting

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Project management
Data sourcing
Data product feasibility
Loyalty/CRM strategy and implementation
Supplier evaluation
Data planning

Approved Apteco FastStats Partner since 2007
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On the up side

We’re realists. We know that many people look at their data, and see a bit of an uphill struggle.

But most of all we’re optimists. We see a mountain of hard work, but also the certainty of a great view from the top.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi is an inspiration to us, because he believed there is even more to the view than initially meets the eye.

It’s the same with data. It’s not what it is. It’s what can be done with it. If you want your data to add up to much more than the sum of its parts, give us a call.

Aszent has proved invaluable in automating SeachStar’s web analytics and statistics; we’re able to save time and focus on our core business as a result of their innovation and dedication. They have delivered 100% customer delight & are hugely recommended for their intelligent solutions and genuine customer service. — Dan Fallon, MD, SearchStar

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